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PORTRAITS // Kids & Family portraits will always be my first love and that includes newborn / maternity / family-reunion / couple sessions (2 makes a family too!). Also offer packages for modern headshots , social media portraits and packages for small businesses including a subscription for bloggers.  

EVENTS // I offer packages for all kinds of small + big events from birthdays and baby showers to religious and cultural celebrations as well as the occasional wedding. I don't consider myself a wedding photographer but feel so honored every time I am asked and end up covering a couple of weddings every year.

Despite having years of experience, my rates are still very affordable. 

Message me for pricing and more details!


In the last year, it has become my passion to share what I have learned in all these years with other creatives, small business owners and moms. I want to inspire you not to just do the things that are needed but to find meaning in your work, in your lives as a mom. Because honestly living an inspired life is just so much more fun! 

I offer IN-PERSON & ONLINE MENTORING to chat about whatever you have in mind, whether it's learning more about taking better photos, about business, Instagram or motherhood even! Your session is specific to your needs and what you are looking to learn.  You can also book an introductory sesion to get a feel of it.   <MORE DETAILS HERE>  

I also offered a photography basics workshop recently and if you're interested in something like that, please send me a message!

                ANNUAL PHOTOBOOKS                    & PHOTO GIFTS 

I think it's the saddest thing when all these photos we invest in just sit on our phones and our hard-drives forever. Sigh. Because photos are best enjoyed when we can turn them into meaningful, thoughtfully designed projects. I know it's so hard to find for these projects though SO I'm super excited to offer help now! 

ANNUAL PHOTO BOOKS // a one-of-a-kind photo book which is a diary of your whole year and includes  the best of all the photos you have taken over the course of a year. PHOTO GIFTS // Excited to start offering photo gifts for the grandparents (or someone else) for my seattle area clients.

Have another idea you want to share? Message me to chat!